Business Partner Datenmanagement (BPDM)

BPDM is one of the use cases developed and implemented as a part of the Consortium. BPDM aims to address the challenge of redundant data storage and to avoid these. Further it aims to ensure data quality, up-to-datedness, speed, and validation in managing business partner data.

BPDM aims to address this challenge by becoming the new global cross-industry standard for business partner master data.

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Business Partner Data Management (BPDM) Info BPDM-Info:

As shown in the Testimonial-Video, as our business partner you can benefit in many ways from BPDM:

  • The Golden Record: Used for identifying, linking, and harmonizing identical data on business partners, locations, and addresses from different sources. Duplicates are removed, data quality is improved, missing information is added, and deviations are automatically corrected, reducing costs for data maintenance and validation.
  • Unique global Business Partner Number (BPN): Based on self-sovereign identities, BPNs standardize the identification of related entities, such as legal, site, and address, providing a foundation for intercommunication within the C-X data space.
  • Important value-added services (VASs): The Golden Record, in combination with BPNs, forms the basis for a range of supplementary VASs to optimize business partner data management. These VASs are aimed at all functional areas within a company that have a business relationship with customers, suppliers, or intend to enter a business relationship.

Standard for Business partner Number (BPN): CX - 0010 Business Partner Number v.2.0.0