Official supplier communication – Volkswagen Group’s integration with catena-x and business partner data management

In response to these complex and evolving challenges, the Catena-X (C-X) initiative ( for frequently asked questions please refer to FAQ | Catena-X), built upon the principles of Gaia-X (Home - Gaia-X: A Federated Secure Data Infrastructure), has been established as an open collaborative data ecosystem. Together with the "Catena-X e.V." Association, founded on May 7th, 2021, in partnership with VW and other prominent industry stakeholders, this initiative aims to develop and employ end-to-end data-driven value chains within the automotive sector. It fosters an open data ecosystem characterized by transparency and standardization.

The primary mission of C-X is to facilitate the seamless digital exchange of data throughout the entire automotive supply chain. It acknowledges that many of the industry's complex challenges can only be effectively addressed through robust collaboration among all partners within the automotive value chain.